Why Do Biewer Terriers
Cost So Much?

The bitterness of poor-quality will linger long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten.

~ Benjamin Franklin

Purebred Biewer Terriers from Reputable, Preservationist Breeders Will Have a Higher Price Point.

Without a doubt, purchasing a Biewer Terrier is a large financial investment and often a financial sacrifice. Speaking as a multi-owner of Biewer Terriers who have spent thousands in the 5-figure mark...I will say they have all been entirely worth it...and I am NOT in the 1% of the population, I'm a hard-working business owner.

biewer terrier costA Rare Breed With a Small Litter Size

Biewer Terriers are categorized as a Toy Breed by the American Kennel Club. Toy breeds typically don't have the sizable litters that large working dogs often have (often 10 or more pups). The litter of a Biewer Terrier often averages between 1-5 puppies, with outlier litters of 6-8.

Our breed is still considered rare in the United States. Biewer Terriers just achieved full recognition as a breed with the American Kennel Club in 2021, with the first Biewers gracing our shores in 2003.

Parents, Health, Food, and Dog Shows

Aside from the initial investment reputable breeders put into purchasing and owning stellar breeding females and males, there are a number of factors to consider. Reputable Biewer Terrier Breeders invest in the health and well-being of their dogs. All while getting them show-ready. Some of these costs include: Health testing, DNA testing, Reproductive testing and vet visits, whelping and medical supplies, high-quality food, healthcare costs, grooming supplies, quality pedigreed dogs, dog show costs (entry fees, traveling, handling fees) to attain a champion and grand champion title.

Why I Show Dogs?

show dogs prove breeding stockA great deal of money is spent showing my Biewers, I will tell you why I choose to do so.

The American Kennel Club developed the Conformation sport to assess dogs as breeding stock. When I attend shows with my Biewer Terriers, I am looking for validation that my dog is as close to the Biewer Terrier standard as possible by earning a championship title. I believe this to be very important in my breeding program, and this contributes to the cost of the puppies.

Home Bred and Raised with Puppy Culture

My puppies are raised in my home with my adult Biewers, 2 pet dogs and my son and I. My Biewer puppies learn manners and social interaction from the elder dogs and they learn to be confident with extensive Puppy Culture training. All this goes into raising them so that our puppies will leave my home confident Biewers who will acclimate to their new home readily.

The amount of time I invest into socializing, playing, teaching, training, providing stimulation, cleaning, feeding, and more, does not even come close to the cost of a puppy. I take time out of my own business to make sure these pups have the best feasible start in life, which is my greatest pleasure to do so.

Be Educated on What Breeders Invest Into Their Puppies When Taking the Price Into Consideration

Before you respond with disdain at the pricepoint of any well-bred puppy. Take into consideration all that respectable Biewer Terrier breeders put into their dogs. Saving up for and taking your time in purchasing a well-bred dog is important. I want my puppy's parents to be POSITIVE this is the right choice for them. There should be no hesitation on cost or quality of the puppy they receive from me.

Prices range across the nation. You may elect to purchase a dog in another part of the country for a bit less than what you would pay in California. Weigh the pros and cons, such as cost of the travel or courier to bring the puppy to you or not having a local breeder in your own time zone.

Reputable Biewer Breeders

Most of what I've mentioned above applies to many Biewer Breeders, most especially those associated with the Biewer Terrier Club of America, the AKC parent club for the breed.

Your next step is to research breeders...a step that you cannot afford to neglect. Vet Breeders, including myself, make sure you are a good fit for one another. Do you hold the same principles for nutrition, training, and grooming? Do you want to stay connected to your breeder, or would you like to remain more aloof? For myself, I request that my puppy parents keep in touch with me about their sweeties. I also offer lifetime support to all puppies that I place.

If You Are Paying a Premium Price for Your Biewer Terrier, You Should Expect the Best

Choosing a reputable Biewer Terrier Breeder that is seeking to preserve the breed and better them is your first step. Talk to quite a few of them to get a feel for their breeding program, dogs and protocols.

In the end you should end up with an amazing forever family member that will bring you years of love and joy.




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