Recommended Products
For Your Biewer Terrier

All the products below are ones that I use with my Biewer Terriers. I would only recommend those items that have worked for me and that I personally use myself.

DISCLAIMER: These are recommendations based on my personal experience. If you choose to purchase any of these items, you do so of your own volition.

TRANSPARENCY: Some of these links are affiliate links that will provide a commission to me should you buy them when clicking from my website.

Crate & bedding

Groooming Staples

I own all of these grooming essentials and recommend them to my fellow Biewer Terrier owners.

Food & Nutrition

Any of these recommended foods would be fine to feed Your Biewer Terriers.



Never leave puppies unattended when they are chewing on a bully stick; once it gets very small, remove it from them to prevent choking.

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