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Biewer puppies are sold with a spay/neuter contract in most cases.

We will consider selling a dog with breeding rights if the following are agreed to: 

  • Agree to finish the female or male with a championship title. I will be on the registration as a co-owner until this is accomplished.
  • All potential mates must be picked and approved by me (this can be amended based on the experience of a well-seasoned breeder/handler), and will be Champions of record who have been DNA health tested and cleared of genetic diseases.

Puppies range in price throughout the United States. Females tend to cost more than males. The cost of Biewer Terrier puppies start at $5000. However, that can also fluctuate based on an individual agreement.

My puppies come from my Stud Elvis von Weisee Orchidee, Nationally Ranked in the top five Biewers in the nation for 2022, and a Bronze Grand Champion. Females are also Champions with amazing structure and a wonderful demeanor. 

Puppies generally go to their forever homes between 12-14 weeks, depending on their size.

No, I don't take deposits to hold a puppy before it is born.

We limit visitors during the first weeks of our puppy's lives. All communication is done via text with images and video

The only prospective puppy owners allowed to come over are those who have put a deposit on a particular dog and would like to help socialize them.  We ask that shoes be removed and hands washed before playing with your puppy. But please don't come over from a dog park or if you have a sick animal at home.

I absolutely want to be there for all my puppy families. I will do my best to mentor you in the breed and if you're interested in showing I will most definitely take you under my wing. I LOVE to see my puppies in the ring and I want you to succeed.

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