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Photo Pedigrees is one of the most valuable tools for Biewer Terrier breeders to evaluate relatives. Seeing our Biewers families of origin and assessing their physical appearance helps us to determine type and color. We are very appreciative to the administrators of this site for continuing to provide this service free of charge.

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Upcoming Litter Information

We do not take deposits until puppies are assessed as pet or show prospects.
We do not price our puppies until that time.

Please visit the FAQs for more information.

My intention in my breeding program is to better the Biewer Terrier breed. When a litter is bred, we hope we get a fantastic show prospect Biewer puppy to keep in our lines. Only health-tested, OFA CHIC certified, AKC Champions of record are bred.

Pedigrees are considered, health testing is compared, and breed type is evaluated. This type of well-thought-out breeding produces the finest puppies in quality and soundness, which blesses Biewer puppy owners and us with healthy puppies

Only health-tested, OFA CHIC certified, AKC Champions of record are bred.

I only want the best for my lines, including pets that will provide families with a lifetime of love and happiness.

A word about CHIC Certification & Verifying Results

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals formed the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) by partnering with participating parent clubs to examine and maintain data on the health problems prevailing in specific breeds, including the Biewer Terrier. Many breeders claim their Biewers are CHIC certified, meaning they have passed all requested health testing. You can protect yourself by asking breeders for the link to their dog's OFA certification and verifying that the sire and dam have the appropriate health tests.

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