biewer puppy in conformation sport

Getting Started in Dog Sports: Unleashing Your Canine’s Potential

Dog sports offer a wonderful opportunity for both dogs and their owners to engage in exciting activities while strengthening their bond. From conformation shows that showcase a dog’s physical attributes to high-energy agility courses, and from the thrill of barn hunt to the lightning-fast sprints of FAST CAT, there are various dog sports to choose […]
biewer yorkshire terrier

The History of the Biewer Terrier

A Delightful Companion, Biewer Yorkshire Terrier The Biewer Terrier, originally known as the Biewer Yorkshire Terrier, is a charming and elegant toy breed that has captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts around the world. With their distinctive tri-colored coats, cheerful disposition, and lively personality, these adorable dogs have gained popularity as delightful companions. But what […]
biewer terrier puppies

Biewer Terrier Puppy Search – How To Pick A Reputable Biewer Breeder

So you’re looking for a Biewer Terrier puppy to join your home. Congratulations on picking the best (in our opinion) companion breed ever. The Biewer Terrier is the 197th AKC recognized dog breed belonging to the AKC Toy Group. You might be considering a Biewer Terrier as a wonderful pet who will bring you many […]
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