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Practicing Breeder Excellence

Contributing to Improve the Biewer Terrier

We are not a kennel, we are simply a home that loves to show our Biewers and desire to contribute to the improvement of the breed.

We raise our Biewer Terrier puppies in our home with our pets and show dogs. We do not breed for quantity, but rather focus on healthy puppies with superior quality of structure, healthy coat, movement, head, tail set, ear set, straight backs, and a good bite. All the qualities we ourselves would look for in a puppy.

biewer terrier puppiesAt Edelweiss Biewer Terriers, we ensure the Biewers we breed are the best in health, temperament, soundness, and observance of the AKC breed standard. Whether you're looking for your first conformation show dog, a sporting dog or a performance pup, or simply your next furry family member pet; our goal is to strive for the closest development to the written standard. Our Biewer Terriers are family first. When they are not actively showing in the conformation ring, our dogs can be found romping in the backyard with each other and our teenager, or cuddling on the couch.

Growing Healthy Puppies Starts With Maintaining Healthy Parents!

Our breeding dogs have regular annual check-ups and pre-breeding check-ups to assure they're in excellent health to have a litter of puppies and or breed. Our breedings may involve multiple trips to our veterinarian for our females. These visits may comprise of multiple services including progesterone testing several times to determine the optimum breeding days and an ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and puppy count post-breeding.

The breeding dogs in our program go through extensive health testing and thorough pedigree research. They have passed their OFA exams and are CHIC certified, have had their eyes checked by a certified ophthalmologist, and have their patellas evaluated. They are genetically tested for over 203 diseases prior to breeding via EmbarkVet.com to ensure the excellent health of all puppies.

Puppy Enrichment

Puppies will live in a puppy-enriched environment that includes providing mental stimulation, physical challenges, noise desensitization, social skills with different people, and more.

Puppies will be evaluated after 8 weeks as show potential puppies and those who will go to pet homes. About 2 -4 weeks after this, we will contact interested parties that we believe are a good match with individual puppies, taking into consideration the puppy's personality, and what the buyer's goal is for their newest family member.

Puppies go home between 12-14 weeks of age. Our sweet Biewer Terrier puppies will come with up-to-date vaccinations, be microchipped and will be dewormed if testing positive. They will have been examined by our veterinarian prior to leaving for their new homes with a clean bill of health to ensure they will bring you years of joy.

Although we are located in San Diego, we can connect you with a flight nanny to fly with your Biewer Terrier puppy directly to you, whether you live in Colorado, Arizona, or even Florida. Alternatively, you can also fly out yourself with a pet carrier to pick up your sweet puppy at the San Diego airport.

"If you don’t work to eliminate structural weaknesses from your breeding program, you will stand still and so will your breed. Produce quality dogs, then focus on type, coat color and so forth.

The structural evaluation procedure (of puppies) is used to improve a breeding program, not to proclaim the arrival of the next record breaking show dog."

~ Pat Hastings

What does this mean to you as a puppy buyer?

champion biewer terrier

When you decide to get a Biewer Terrier Puppy from Von Edelweiss, you trust that you have selected a reputable Biewer Terrier breeder that will:

  • Focus on encouraging every Biewer Terrier puppy to be the best it can be, whether she will be a competition pup, a performance dog, or a family pet.
  • Strategically choose their puppies' parents, concentrating on the sire and dam's health, pedigree, and temperament.
  • Take next level exceptional care of our dams before and during pregnancy to help their puppies handle stress by:
    • supplying optimal nutrition
    • maintaining our bitches in excellent physical shape
    • providing enrichment in their daily lives
    • restricting stress
  • Give excellent neonatal care to develop the foundation for their entire litter's health and temperament.
  • Design an enriched puppy environment for our Biewer puppies, starting at three weeks of age until they go to their forever homes, to evolve their temperament, reasoning, and physical health
  • Socializing our puppies, sure they meet a minimum of 20 different people before going to their new homes.
  • Create developmental milestones for our Biewer puppies to position them for a lifetime of healthy engagement with others, reduce fear, encourage confidence and promote an overall emotionally and physically healthy puppy.


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